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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

#Newrelease: Secret Yearning by @LollyTova #erotic #menage #giveaway

Good morning, friends! Today I'm helping my fellow loose Id author Lolly Tova celebrate the release of her new book, Secret Yearning. It looks awesome--I can't wait to get my copy. She's also offering a cool giveaway, so please make sure to click the *Rafflecopter* link below to enter!

Title: Secret Yearning
Author: Lolly Tova
Release Date: 28th April 2015
ISBN: 978-1-61333-545-1
Publisher: Loose Id
Cover Artist: Anne Cain
Genre: Contemporary, Menage & Polyamory
Format: E-book
Length: Novella

After Sasha Mooney’s latest doomed relationship fails, her best friends, Kate and Justin, drag her off for a long weekend in a remote cottage to celebrate her thirtieth birthday. Only, the new romance between Kate and Justin highlights Sasha’s loneliness—and jealousy—and she can’t help but crave the return of their cozy, platonic threesome.
Whichever way Sasha turns, she stumbles across Kate and Justin making love, and soon she’s consumed by a frightening desire for both of them that isolates her further.
When a morning alone with Kate leads to a romantic encounter, Sasha’s guilt and self-loathing spiral out of control. She’s crossed a line and quickly hurdles another when Justin walks in on her in the shower and sparks fly. With hopes of salvaging her friendships fading fast, Sasha’s options don’t look pretty. Either she risks Kate and Justin’s contempt by admitting her feelings for them both, or she respects their new relationship and walks out of their lives for good.
Add Secret Yearnings to Goodreads:

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Author Bio:
Lolly Tova writes contemporary and fantasy erotic romance. 
Lolly is a West Country girl living in London, England, who regularly breaks the cardinal rules of city life by making eye contact with strangers and wishing passers-by a good morning.
By day, Lolly helps to shape the next generation of art masters. By night, she crafts her erotic flights of fancy, which are slightly kooky, a lot quirky, and a smidgen dark and disturbing when the wind blows in the right direction.
Social Media Links: Facebook | Twitter | Website/Blog | Goodreads

Purchase Secret Yearning at:

Loose Id

Giveaway Information:
  • One (1) digital copy of Secret Yearning by Lolly Tova
  • One (1) bespoke pendent
  • Winner will be drawn on Tuesday 19th May 2015

Monday, April 27, 2015

#Sale! Second Chances Series @MCroslydon #99cents #boxedset #IndieSagePR


No Reverse and Fast Forward Box Set Marion Croslydon 

Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance

A girl who needs to undo the past. A boy who wants to forget it. In love, there’s no way back. “There are so many ways to love, but there was only one way to love Cassie. Only one way Cassie could love. FIERCELY.” “I FIERCELY loved this story.” Goodreads Top Reviewer

BOOK 1 – NO REVERSE At high school in Steep Hill, Kansas, Cassie O’Malley and Josh MacBride were the poster couple for quarterback/cheerleader romance until they starred in their own tale of teen pregnancy. No need to say: their shotgun wedding was low-key. But when there was no baby anymore, they went their separate ways. Five years later, Josh has breezed through Georgetown and is about to finish his post-grad degree at Oxford University. He is set to join a lobbying group on Capitol Hill, owned by his new fiancée’s father. For Josh, the sky is now the limit... only he must first take care of a tiny legal matter: technically, he’s still married to the girl who broke his heart. Meanwhile, Cassie has been waiting tables in Steep Hill to pay for her sick grandmother’s care. On the day of the old lady’s funeral, Cassie is served with two sets of papers. Josh is asking for a divorce. Her heart squeezes, but, well, he moved on a long time ago. But the second envelope shakes Cassie to the core. So, for the first time, she leaves Kansas and heads to good ol’ England. There, Cassie finds that Josh has not just “moved on,” he’s freakin’ engaged to some blue-blooded heiress. The feelings Cassie had buried deep rush back to her. But no matter if he keeps thrusting the divorce papers under her nose, she needs him to save the only person she loves more than Josh, more than life itself...

BOOK 2 – FAST FORWARD Cassie learned the hard way: Love forgives... in the end. In No Reverse, Josh and Cassie’s epic love story went from the brink of destruction to a fragile new beginning. Now they must mend their broken family and win back the son they gave up five years ago. But second chances need to be earned and the road ahead is rocky. With Cassie on tour and Josh trying his hand at a political career, the struggle becomes clear. When the adoption takes a bad turn, Cassie and Josh are prepared to give up everything for the fight of their lives. Will this young family finally heal the years of heartache, or will they be torn apart for good? “I fell in love with their relationship.” Schmexy Book Blog “I relished this story.” Good Choice Reading “It is a feel book.” The Autumn Review “I’d categorize her writing in those with whom I consider to be an elite league of authors like Taryn Fisher, Fisher Amelie, J.A. Redmerski, Laura Spinella, K.A. Tucker and a many others that can write a story that not only has you hooked to the edge of your seat but that makes you seriously think and feel.” N.A. Book Addict

About Marion Croslydon


Marion loves to share happy vibes, talk book crush, fictional boyfriends and sexual chemistry with like-minded people. And because she spends most of her days on her own deep inside her London writing cave, you are welcome to come and say “hello” from time to time. Just to make sure she doesn’t sink into insanity. Her friends, family and arch-enemies (there are quite a few) will be forever grateful for your help. Her debut novel, Oxford Whispers, a New Adult paranormal romance, won the IndieReader Discovery Award, 2013. Her contemporary romances, No Reverse and Fast Forward, were Amazon bestsellers, both in the New Adult and Kindle Top 50 charts. Please get in touch with HER: marion AT marioncroslydon DOT com By the way Marion wrote that bio, but she likes using the third-person. It makes her feel as cool as shit ;-)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Nicely Naughty 2 an LRC Nomination for Best #Anthology! #menage

Good morning, friends. Nona here with amazing news! Nicely Naughty 2, the holiday menage anthology by Caitlyn Willows, Rachell Nichole and me has been nominated for Best Anthology in the Love Romances Cafe "Best of" contest! Woo hoo! How exciting!

The collection features a different menage combination in each story, so there's a little something for every taste. :-)

All The Trimmings by Caitlyn Willows:

Chrissy never imagined the icing on her cookies would be the twins next door. They were hard-loving men who didn’t play for keeps, and she never played at all…until now. Talk about Christmas with all the trimmings. (M/F/M menage)

Christmas Candie by Nona Raines:

Aidan wants to be more to Val than a friend with benefits, but she’s holding back. Will the night they spent with sweet, sexy Candie bring holiday magic or give Val another reason to hate Christmas? (F/F/M menage)

Gingerbread Photography by Rachell Nichole:

When Walker talks his lover into an X-rated, Xmas photo shoot, he and Ben set Lexie's lens on fire... just before they ask her to join in the fun. (M/M/F menage)

Find Nicely Naughty 2 at:

And just in case you'd care to cast a vote for us, here's the link:

You must be an LRC member to vote, but it's easy to join and the group features lots of fun opportunities to chat with authors and find out about all the latest releases! To join:

Have a wonderful weekend, all!

Nona Raines
Hot Contemporary Romance
Edgy ~ Emotional ~ Erotic

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

#New! Hunting April (Men of Sanctuary 2) by Danica St. Como #erotic #suspense

Wounded while escaping from fiancé Angelo Martone, a disguised April Hall panics and crashes into surveillance expert Glennon Garrett at a coffee shop. Bleeding and drawing a crowd, April collapses in his arms. Former Marine Force Recon Garrett takes charge and carries her to his penthouse apartment. Her secret? Her life went to hell when she discovered her fiancé was a sadistic, blackmailing psychopath with Mob connections. After vigorously defending herself during his attack and on the run, she may be wanted for manslaughter.

Humiliated when Glennon rebuffs her sexual advances, April doesn't wait to hear a reason. Before she reaches the street, she's grabbed by former Army Ranger Daniel Wyndsor. The problem? As her ex-fiancé's bodyguard, he kept his desire for her under wraps until he broke his contract to take up the search.

With April in jeopardy and time getting short, the men whisk April away to the fortified lodge at Sanctuary. She finds one sexy alpha male with an overbearing attitude bad enough—two men are too much for April to handle. At first, all she wants is to break free of Angelo's thugs and disappear, to go home. Now she doesn't want to leave Daniel's strong arms. But someone else may be hunting April.


“Hey, are you all right?” 

“Fine, just late, need to go.” She couldn’t seem to keep her equilibrium. Maybe I should have eaten something. Nothing worse than suffering from bone-chilling fear on an empty stomach. 

“Hang on a moment. Are you sure you’re okay?” 

“Really, I’m fine.” April wove through the people in line, then bolted for the exit. Head down, face averted, she bounced off a solidly built customer who plowed through the doorway like a tugboat. 

“Hey, watch it!” 

Mumbling another apology, April spun, pinballed toward the opening, then shot out between the heavy glass doors to the sidewalk. The toe of her running shoe caught a raised crack in the sidewalk and sent her sailing headlong into a vehicle idling at the curb. Her forehead hit the front fender before her arms could break the fall. Palms and knees smashed into the concrete. 

“You really need to watch where you’re going.” Him again, the great-smelling man. He helped her to her feet. 

Martone’s goons were lowbrow and tacky. This man oozed handsome and class. Yeah, well, believing in coincidence could get me killed. Frantic, she twisted and broke free of his hold. 

“I’m fine. I need to go.” 

Rubberneckers gawked from inside and outside the shop’s glass walls. The milling onlookers prevented April from making a clean getaway. A disembodied voice barked out, “Maybe someone should call 911.” 

Oh, hell no! “I’m fine, really. No need to call anyone. I’m okay.” 

She struggled to stand steady, straightened her jacket, patted her shoulder bag and laptop bag. A warm, wet feeling spread over her skin, under her shirt. Cripes, I’m bleeding again. Gotta go, gotta go, gotta get away. 

A strong hand took her by the upper arm. “Your head needs treatment, and you’re wobbling like a Weeble. Are you sure you don’t want me to call for an ambulance?” 

Damn it, him again, the attractive man who smelled so good. The man with the brochure. The glossy, colorful brochureshe designed, that she finessed to fruition. Oh God, I even sound like an advertisement! 

“N-n-no, I’m okay. Please, no police or ambulance. I’m fine, really.” April put her hand to her forehead, felt the sticky blood. Shit, that’s a good reason for everyone to stare. She rummaged through her oversize shoulder bag for a handkerchief. “No need to call anyone. I’m okay. I’ll be fine.” 

With her hand still buried in the big leather bag, she folded like a sheet. 

Hunting April is available at Loose Id

Monday, March 30, 2015

Heroines in Control! March 30 @ngwngroup #FBparty #win

Hi everyone and happy Monday!

Nona here just sharing some fun news--the Nice Girls Writing Naughty author/reader group will be having a party! The theme is Heroines in Control and features awesome, kickass heroines of all kinds, from Cookie Lyon (the Empire heroine) to Jane Eyre. I'll be there, too, talking about my fave heroine, Wonder Woman! She was a feminist before the word became popular and was all about women taking control of their own lives while helping make the world a better place.

The fun takes place tonight (March 30) from 5:00 to 11:00 pm EST on Facebook. The lovely Angel Payne will be our hostess with the mostest and will offer a $100 GC from Gyft.com to one lucky winner. There are plenty of other prizes, too! 

Check out the fabulous line up of authors:

Angel Payne (Hostess, intro and wrap-up)

Zoey Derrick

Nona Raines

Ella Sheridan

Darah Lace

Hildie McQueen

Dakota Trace

Leela Lou Dahlin

Nese Lane

Lara Archer

Taige Crenshaw

Make sure to join us for all the fun! 


Have a wonderful week, everyone!

Book Tour: Of Love and Vengeance @LouiseLyndon1 #historical #giveaway #GoddessFish

**Louise will be awarding a $15 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour! Please scroll down for the form.**

Hi all, I have Louise Lyndon on the blog today. Since I am a very nosy person, I was curious about her interest in historical romance and books/authors that may have influenced her. What follows is her response. Welcome, Louse!

I have to hold my hand up and confess I haven’t read many works of fiction set in the medieval period. I know, that goes against the first thing you’re told when learning the craft of writing – read the genre you’re interested in, and when you feel you’ve read enough, read some more! But, I wanted to come into the genre with fresh eyes. But, that is not to say authors have not influenced me.

I find a lot of my ideas while reading history books, or articles online. And yes, even Wikipedia! A line or two may get my creative juices flowing. For example, when I started ‘roughly plotting’ – I am a panster not a plotter – my current work in progress, I read an article about King Henry I, and how his brother William Rufus was ‘accidently’ killed on a hunting trip therefor paving the way for Henry to become King.

My mind immediately started thinking about the person who ‘accidentally’ shot William Rufus. Were they against William Rufus becoming king? Did Henry pay a hit man? Or was there a third party who was engineering just who should rule England? And if so, who was this third party? And it goes on from there.

I love the internet because it has made research so much easier and quicker and you can do it from the comfort of your lounge room. Best of all, you can do it in your pajamas! But, there is nothing like picking up an actual book and skimming its pages. I have a few ‘go to’ books that have been influential on my writing. The first few may surprise you…

Anything by Terry Deary is brilliant. Yes, his books are aimed at kids, but they have loads of useful information without bombarding you with lots of historical data. After all, I want to write and I don’t need to know every minute detail that happened in the medieval era. If you haven’t picked up a Horrible Histories book, do. They’re greatly entertaining AND educational. 

My other two go to books are coincidently both called, Life in the Medieval Castle. These two books offer great insights into what a medieval castle must have been like, from the food they ate, where they slept, and the different roles and jobs within the castle walls.

These are just a few authors who have influenced me. I’m always adding new authors and books to the list. And I am always open to suggestions for new books! 


Forced to marry Lord Aymon to ensure her young nephew’s survival, English Lady Laila vows undying hatred for the Norman she holds responsible for the deaths of so many innocents. Discovering Aymon has committed an act of treason gives her the chance to seek vengeance he deserves.  But can Laila let Aymon die at the hands of the king once she learns the truth?

A hardened Norman warrior, Lord Aymon has lived through atrocities no man ever should. With the invasion of England over, all he wants is a quiet life and a wife who will give him heirs and obey his every command. Instead, he finds himself wed to feisty and outspoken Laila. But when she learns the truth of his treasonous act, can Aymon count on her to keep his secret?


Laila heard them long before she saw them. Their angry, frenzied shouts and thunderous roars filled her ears. With her hands tied securely behind her, she was dragged up the lane toward Tyburn Gallows, where she was to be hanged for a crime she did not commit. The mob sounded blood thirsty. Large. Frightening.

There was no sign of Aymon. Or Hugh. Had they left her alone to die?

Her chin trembled and her nails dug into her palms.

She suddenly fell to her knees and screamed until she tasted blood at the back of her throat. She kicked out and tried to crawl free as her hair was almost torn from the roots as she was pulled up and shoved along the lane.

Her eyes burned with her tears.

“I am innocent!” Laila screamed.

They came around a corner, and that’s when she saw them. There must have been a least two thousand men, women, and children, hungry for her blood. And when they saw her, they erupted into a wild fever of roars and cries for a slow and painful death. Their thirst had been piqued, and now it must be sated.

Laila was shoved into the center of the clearing.

She glanced wildly around in a desperate search for Aymon’s towering, bulky frame. She could not see him.

But what she could see was the Tyburn Tree. The gallows she was to be hanged from. The executioner, hooded, stood beside the tree as he waited patiently for her. Laila’s mouth suddenly went dry.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Louise grew up in country Victoria, Australia, before moving to England, where for sixteen years she soaked up the vibrancy of London and the medieval history of England. She has since returned to Australia and now lives in Melbourne.

She has been writing the moment she picked up a copy of Diana Gabaldon's first Outlander novel twenty something years ago. She thought to herself, 'this is what I want to do' - not travel back in time, but become a novelist! She has always had snippets of dialogue and scenes floating around in her head with characters screaming at her to bring them to life.

In 2013, Louise won first prize in the Crested Butte Sandy Writing contest – Historical category for her story, The Promise, which is now called, Of Love and Vengeance.

When not writing, she can be found covered in mud, crawling under barbed wire and hoisting herself over twelve foot walls - under the guise of competing in Spartan races all over Australia.


EMAIL:  louise_lyndon@yahoo.com

Website:  http://www.LouiseLyndon.com

Blog: http://www.LouiseLyndon.com/blog

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Louise-Lyndon/1472910852955051

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LouiseLyndon1

Pinterest: llyndon3513


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, March 20, 2015

#Review: Texting All Hearts by Various Authors #romance #boxedset

Texting All Hearts—Boxed Set
Seven Multi-Published Authors

What do rodeos, otherworldly encounters, exotic dancers, bondage, hot sex, refound love, and time travel have in common? Besides romantic, edge of your seat fun and intrigue, they all evolve from a single text. Seven multi-genre novellas that promise to heat your nights and warm your hearts.

Her Cowboy Dom

Tate Hardy’s best friend leaves him all his cattle if he spends thirty days on a ranch with a woman he wants but can't have. Jess is a nice girl, and Tate doesn't do nice. Jessica Campbell needs her brother’s cattle as collateral for a loan. To get rid of the sexy bull rider, she suggests he teach her about D/s. When he agrees, Jess gets more than she bargained for from her cowboy Dom.

Midnight Road
Lorelei Buckley

Drew Mathews cherishes her deceased husband’s lingering spirit. When his best friend, Dominic, reveals her late spouse’s dark secrets, Drew's crushed. She turns to Dominic and neighbors for support and stumbles into a passionate love affair and a slew of bizarre commonalities restricted to the residents of Midnight Road. As mysteries unfold, inalterable conditions threaten her romantic relationship, her life, and possibly, the world.

A Lethal Affair
Debra Jupe

With a rumored serial killer targeting exotic dancers, Daisy Piper is more than a little worried when her co-worker goes missing. Her concern escalates when a guy she’s never met shows up claiming her friend stole his laptop. A mild-mannered computer whiz on the surface, Miles Garton is a total contrast from the streetwise Daisy. But he’s on a mission of his own, making the jaded stripper suspicious. Fighting each other, a mutual attraction, and the truth, they team up to find the missing woman.

Sexting Texas
Darah Lace

Texas Tallulah Taylor never thought she’d be turned on by a dirty text from a stranger, one that leads to a delicious sexting session with her best friend. Will Sanderson never thought the love of his life would see him as anything but a friend. Maybe sexting Texas will show her this cowboy aims to give her the ride of her life…for the rest of her life.

The Dom Delivers
Nese Lane

He’s a Dominant, and she’s as vanilla as they come…
Designer Jenna Jaynes enjoys the safe bubble of her creative world, until her delivery guy bursts through and steals her heart. CFO Aden Kelley’s regimented world is thrown into chaos when a spitfire dressmaker captures his soul. Will the Dom convince vanilla to swirl?

Wounded Hearts
Linda LaRoque

Sarah Lawson's fiancé Logan Miller died in Afghanistan. She receives a text from Brandon Perdue, one of his war buddies, who wants to meet and deliver a message from Logan. Physically and emotionally scarred, Brandon values Sarah's friendship. Sarah wants their relationship to deepen, but he fears she's projecting her feelings for Logan on to him.

Pale With Color
Susan JP Owens

Cheyenne Clark doubts Captain Joseph Westerly’s beliefs about reincarnation, but a twenty-first century gal stuck in1862, during the Battle of Gettysburg, creates a new perception about philosophies and physics. After Joseph’s death, Cheyenne returns to her time period and anticipates his rebirth. Will Joseph find her?

***Nona's review of Texting All Hearts***

Texting All Hearts is a collection of seven novellas of various romance genres. In each story, it is a text that "gets the ball rolling." Aside from that, this collection covers a wide range of romance sub-genres.

"Her Cowboy Dom" by Bliss uses a trope I've seen often in historical romance-- the "reading of the will", wherein H/h are forced to spend time together to meet the requirements of inheritance. In this modern day story, Jess has been left a large ranch by her deceased older brother and his best friend Tate has been left the stock. The terms of the will require Tate, a rodeo rider, to stick around for thirty days. Neither Jess nor Tate are happy about this. Jess blames Tate for her brother's demise while Tate lusts for Jess but doesn't want to subject her to his dominant ways. This was a very sexy story about two people who have to overcome misunderstanding to find love. I felt for Jess, wanting to assert herself and follow her own dreams and being thwarted by two headstrong men (brother and lover) who just want to "protect" her. Contains BDSM themes. Hot!

"Midnight Road" by Lorelei Buckley was fun because it wasn't what I expected. The title had me thinking it would be romantic suspense, but it threw me for a loop. Every time I thought I knew what was happening, the author threw in a twist. Drew's mired in depression after the death of her husband, but how can she work through it when he seems to be haunting her? Her old friend Dominic shows up, angry that she's not been taking care of herself. Drew and Dominic take advantage of their long-suppressed attraction and begin an affair while trying to figure out what's happening to all the houses along Midnight Road and the people who live there. This story is a genre-bender, mixing second-chance-at-love, paranormal and even sci-fi.

"A Lethal Affair" by Debra Jupe really got me with its characterization. I loved the heroine, Daisy, who is a toughie with a heart of gold. She's had a hard life and her work as an exotic dancer makes her view life cynically. But when her friend, another stripper, suddenly disappears, Daisy does everything she can to try to find her. She's helped by Miles, who has his own reasons to find Beth. Sparks fly between Daisy and Miles, and the danger threatens when some of Daisy's co-workers are found murdered. The secondary characters are interesting, too, but Daisy stands out for her honesty and courage. The story had such a great build up, I was a bit disappointed that it seemed to wrap up so quickly.

"Sexting Texas" by Darah Lace was an emotional rollercoaster. This story really tugs the heartstrings. For those who love friends to lovers stories, this is a winner. Texas is keeping Will strictly in the friend zone, though he wants much more than that. A mistakenly sent raunchy text makes Will up his game when he sees how Texas reacts to sexy talk. There's some good erotic fun here as Will tries to win Texas over. Feelings run high in the story, and once or twice I wanted to clunk the characters' heads together and tell them "talk!" But readers will cheer for the hard won HEA.

"The Dom Delivers" by Nese Lane is another BDSM entry with lots of sexy times as Jenna explores her submissive nature with her delivery man who also happens to be a Dom. Jenna's a curvy gal and just beginning to emerge from a personal loss. Aydan delivers more than flowers and packages--he helps her gain confidence in her sexuality and her ability to submit. Readers will enjoy seeing Jenna blossom. I loved the supporting character Cedric and the menage scene at the end was the cherry on top of this vanilla swirl sundae.

"Wounded Hearts" by Linda LaRoque was a very touching story of a woman trying to overcome the loss of her fiance. This story would be considered a sweet or "clean" romance as it contained no explicit sexuality, but that did not detract at all from the emotion. When Sarah meets Brandon, a scarred veteran who was close to her fiance, she feels drawn to him. I loved how Brandon was depicted, as such a noble man who did not feel worthy of her. This story really tugged the heartstrings as both characters struggle with their feelings and Brandon deals with the effects of PTSD. And then comes twist that I did not foresee.

"Pale With Color" by Susan JP Owens is a time-travel romance wherein Cheyenne goes from a spectator at a Civil War re-enactment to finding herself back in that era and falling in love with an Army doctor. As the two get to know each other, Cheyenne is torn between wanting to return to her own time and wanting to stay with Joseph. Themes of re-incarnation enter the tale when Joseph is killed (I'm not revealing anything not told in the blurb) and Cheyenne returns to the present day. Fans of fantasy and paranormal romance will enjoy this sexy story.

Whether you like your romances steamy or sweet, there is something in this collection for everyone.

Texting All Hearts is available at Amazon! 

Links for the authors:

email:  Bliss@blissauthor.com
website:  www.blissauthor.com
blog:  http://www.blissauthor.blogspot.com
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bliss-Author/1390497911252444?ref=hl
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/blissauthor
Pinterest:  http://www.pinterest.com/blissauthor

Lorelei Buckley
Website: www.loreleibuckley.com
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/loreleibuckley/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Lorelei_Buckley
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/lorelei.buckley.7?fref=nf

Debra Jupe
twitter: @DebJupeAuthor

Darah Lace
Blog: ‪www.darahlace.blogspot.com
Facebook: ‪www.facebook.com/darahlace
Twitter: @DarahLace
Pintrest: ‪pinterest.com/darahlace

Nese Lane

Linda LaRoque
Linda’s Amazon Page

Susan JP Owens
Web Site:  www.SusanJPOwens.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Susan-JP-Owens-Author/241228112562016?ref=hl
Twitter: @SusanJPOwens
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/susanjpowens/


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